Stan Fridstein and his son Eric visited every single Major League Baseball stadium over a seven year period (between 2003-2009). They traveled through two countries, 19 states and 25,000 miles to take in all 30 ballparks. They conducted thousands of hours of research to ensure they missed nothing inside or outside the ballparks.
So much time could have been saved and bad decisions avoided if there had been a guide that laid out the best way to approach the journey, each city and the ballparks. Stan promised himself that he’d make it easy for others going forth on a similar baseball road trip expedition by creating the ultimate and authoritative guide. He and his son took guided tours at each stadium, crafting detailed notes, and conducted loads of research with the intention of making it available to others in an organized, fun, digestible and interesting fashion.
Going Yard helps those possessed by the National Sport to optimize their experience at every stadium and deal with issues like budgeting, logistics, securing tickets, tours, key facts and sites in each stadium and things to do in each and every city when not at the game.
Others have traveled this path, but Stan Fridstein is the Lewis and Clark of Baseball Stadium Road Trips as he maps the right way to experience each city and stadium. Going Yard deals with issues including:
  • Budgeting
  • Partner strategy (who should be included and why)
  • Planning each summer’s adventure
  • Scheduling strategy
  • Adventures in each Major League Baseball market for sports-oriented guys
  • Best hotel locations
  • Ballpark highlights and trivia
  • Best food and seating locations
  • Securing private tours and on-field experiences
  • Games to play during the ball games that ensure a good time in bad games
  • Scoring the best seats in the stadium for free
  • And so much more
Going Yard is as valuable a tool for those on baseball road trips as Fodor’s is for travelers. Every chapter in the book is chock full of useful information that elevates merely attending a ballgame into an absolute adventure.  
The book’s layout makes for easy reading. It’s organized in a most logical manner whereby the reader can easily hop from market to market and stadium to stadium. The writing style is loose and a bit comical, but never overly wordy. It’s positive and very upbeat.

Even the smallest markets offer wonderful experiences and the most boring baseball parks have treasures that are not to be missed. It's all in the pages of Going Yard.